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(D) Post-High Green Building PosterDownload PDF
(D) K-5 Superhero PosterDownload PDF
(D) You Could Save the WorldDownload PDF
(D) ASHRAE Student Brochure (Ideal for College Students)Download PDF
(D) Draw a Picture of Your Home (Ideal for Elementary Age Students)Download PDF
(D) There is No Planet B! (Ideal for Middle School Students)Download PDF
(D) Engineer Your Path (Ideal for High School Students)Download PDF
Download PDF
(D) Georgia Aquarium Video: View Now or Save to Your Computer Download Video 
(D) ASHRAE: Shaping Tomorrow's Built Environment TodayWatch Youtube Video
Promotional Items
K-12 Pencil
K-12 Ruler
ASHRAE Carabineers
ASHRAE lightweight Drawstring Backpack
STEM Kit - Pressure Drop (limited to 1 per year per Chapter)
STEM Kit - Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions (limited to 1 per year per Chapter)
STEM Kit - Sling Psychrometer (limited to 1 per year per Chapter)
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